Conferences and Presentations


Here are links to some recent presentations at conferences and for invited talks. Most are powerpoint slides, but in a few cases there is also an accompanying paper. Please DO NOT CITE these papers without checking with me first.

Note that in some cases I repeat slides or re-work presentations from one event to another. I have selected here the most recent or most developed versions.


Designing for Adaptability: Open, Incomplete, Alive?

       Digital Media & Learning Conference, Long Beach, 2011


Affect Identity and Representation  PPT Paper

       International Congress of the Learning Sciences, Chicago, 2010

       Revised for Mathematics & Science Education Group, UCSD 2011


All that Video! Analysis across Time, Place, and Activities PPT Paper

        Learning Lives Workshop, San Diego, 2010


Transmedia Literacy & Identity Development

        University of Oslo, 2008


Making Trouble with Video: Reflexivity, Complexes, and Semiotic Analysis

         LCHC/UCSD, 2008


Affect, Timescales, and Learning

         LCHC/UCSD, 2008