Research on Feeling and Meaning


The primary emphasis of my current research is on finding better ways to make sense of the interdependence of feeling and meaning-making as experienced processes.

Feeling needs to be re-conceptualized as a more active, situated, interactive and distributed, culture- and situation- specific process. Not simply a passive-reactive, intra-individual one, based on a few universal basic emotions. Then we can see how it is very much like meaning-making, semiotic processes, and how the interplay between feeling and meaning works.

I am currently analyzing video records and fieldnotes on elementary-school students playing with each other, with university undergraduates, and with online computer games and other new media resources in an after-school program.


Linked below are recent and new work-in-progress on these issues. Comments welcome!


Feeling & Meaning: A Unitary Bio-Semiotic Account [Handbook of Semiotics, 2015]

Affective Learning Together (2013) 

Thinking about Feeling [in Erstad & Sefton-Green, Cambridge U Press, 2013]

Emotion, Play, and Learning: Gaming After School [in preparation]

Feeling and Meaning: A Unified Framework     [DRAFT – Do Not Cite]

Affect, Identity, and Representation    [Paper at ICLS 2010]

Affect, Identity, and Representation in Science & Mathematics  [.pptx 5MB]